Welcome to Maple Ridge Folk Art Studio! I opened my home based studio in 1996. I am a Priscilla Hauser accredited teacher and I have designed 10 packets, seven of which are listed here. I will be teaching at my first convention in the fall of 1999. Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy my designs and check back often for new pattern packets I will be adding.......Marilyn Hawkes

Pattern Packets
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Packet #101 - Snowy Night
Packet depicting a beautiful moon lit night with children skating and sledding. This was done on an oval box but would also look nice on a plaque.
Price: $9.95 (CDN)

Packet #102 - Christmas Skating Party
I painted this pattern packet on a 16x20 wooden tray. It depicts a community skating party showing children skating, horse drawn sleds, children building snowmen.
Price: $9.95 (CDN)

#103 - Bird Paradise
3 birdhouses, shown painted on 10x7 slate.
Beginners pattern packet.
Price: $8.95 (CDN)

Packet #104 - Breezy Summer Days
Scene of a lovely summer day with sailboats & lighthouses. Shown painted on a stool 17 x 9 x 13 and I painted blueberries on the sides.
Price: $9.95 (CDN)

Packet #105 - Santa delivers to the Island
Living on an Island I just had to paint Santa in a boat. The boat is being pulled by a reindeer. Depicts lighthouse and church on a beautiful moonlit night. Shown painted on a 16x11 lap box.
Price: $9.95

Packet #106 - Dockside
Rural fishing village shown painted on a 14x10 slate, shows our bold and bright colors that are found in many NF rural areas.
Price: $9.95 (CDN)

Packet #107 - Peaceful Fishing
A peaceful day in which a boy is doing more napping than fishing, shows lighthouse and boat. Shown painted on 16x9 slate
Price: $9.95 (CDN)

Packet #108 - Blueberry Farm
Farm scene on wooden covered glass candy dish
Price: $9.95 (CDN)

Packet #109 Christmas Eve
Night scene of Christmas Eve when the presents are quitely waiting in the boat and the lighthouse is decorated for Christmas. Done on a double tin heart which can hold Christmas cards or dried flowers.
Price: $9.95 (CDN)

Packet #110
Candy Cane Express
Painted on a 11.5 chippendale plate. Shows Santa delivering Candy Canes. A good beginner piece.
Price: $9.98 (CDN)

Packet #
111 Plant Dreams
Depicts a garden angel planting heart seeds. Painted on a pre-primed metal tray. The saying is Plant seeds and watch your dreams grow. Beg - Int.
Price: $9.98 (CDN)

#112 Christmas Tea
Still life painted on a wooden tray shows graniteware teapot, tin of christmas tea, candle and santa ornament. Holly leaves in each corner. Int-adv.
Price: $9.98 (CDN)
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